Coaches standout with an ILM Qualification

There has never been a better time for you to attain an internationally recognised qualification and become the ‘go to’ coach or mentor in your chosen profession. Our programmes help you to create ‘freedom and choice’ in the type of work you want to do, working with the people you want to work with.

You may be here because you want to acquire new skills that you can instantly transfer to the work you do:

  • Building rapport and create coaching relationships
  • Delivering impactful coaching programmes to delighted clients
  • Asking insightful questions and develop deeper levels of listening
  • Understanding and respond to different personality types
  • Getting the best out of others by adopting a coaching mindset

Or, you may be coaching/mentoring already, so you want to  validate your skills through having a recognised ILM qualification:

  • Boost your coaching/mentoring profile
  • Provide assurance to prospective clients
  • Build your own confidence and
  • Being seen as the professional coach or mentor

Achieve your ILM Qualification with us

Whatever your reason for learning, our  supportive and inspiring  environment gives you the tools and resources you need.  You will make rapid progress and provided you are committed, you will be able to achieve your chosen qualification within a year (certificate).

We want to make your route to a qualification as supportive as possible and that is why we take pride in supporting our students in every way possible. Our remote learning programme includes:

  • Structured self-learn through our comprehensive Coaching Manual and Coaching Journal
  • Facilitated Online seminars with your fellow cohort members
  • Structured tutorial sessions to accelerate your ILM assignments
  • Membership (FREE for 12 months) of our ILM Coaching Community
  • Studying Membership from Insititute of Leadership & Management

Join our ILM Coaching Community today via one of these qualification routes and we will help you build your coaching practice and create freedom and choice through a career in coaching.

What’s in The Coaching Programme?

Download the full prospectus with dates and costs, for you chosen level:

The ILM 5 Coaching & Mentoring programme starts in March 2023; series of fortnightly evening sessions

No Guru ILM L5 Coaching & Mentoring Programme 2023

The ILM 7 for Executive and Senior Level coaches starts March 2023, last Friday of each month

No Guru ILM L7 Coaching & Mentoring Programme 2023


John from No Guru was a patient and knowledgeable as an ILM trainer and coach. I really looked forward to all of the modules and tutorial sessions. The assignments were challenging, but John provided excellent guidance and support throughout. I am able to use what I learned to support coaching clients and my team members. It has also helped me reflect on myself, my communication style and improve key skills such as listening. The ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring has been an excellent investment in my professional development. I am incredibly grateful to John for sharing his knowledge and experience, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from him, so that I might support others in their development.

Christina Lovelock, Business Analysis Leader , University of Leeds

The ILM programme is a perfect introduction to coaching theory and practice. John and the No Guru team delivered excellent workshops and supported our learning and development, and I am now using the skills to deliver coaching in my organisation. Completing the programme gave me the confidence to become a coach, and working with clients is immensely rewarding.

David Bell, University of Leeds




What Levels of Qualification can I study?

Our coaching programme is aimed at people who want a recognised qualification in coaching and mentoring and we offer both Level 5 and Level 7 ILM qualifications.

‘What’s the difference?’, you are probably asking

Study at Level 5 – Managerial

So you are on a managerial career path, perhaps working in an HR/Training or consulting role or moving into a role that support people development.  You may already be in a managerial role with good people skills and have ambitions to develop your career.  Or you could be in a business support role and perhaps considering coaching business owners and becoming a freelance coach.The Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring is perfectly suited for you.  Equivalent to a degree, our programme equips you with all the knowledge and practical application to demonstrate your really are an effective coach or mentor. It is ideal for people working in an organisational role and those coaching small business and start ups.

Completion of the Certificate can also lead to achievement of the Diploma at Level 5 over a longer period of practical coaching.

Click here for the ILM information on this qualification.

ILM Level 5 Certificate and Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring Q Card






Study at Level 7 – Executive & Senior

You could be operating in a senior or executive position and you would like to move into coaching and/or boost your cv.  You have a passion for developing others and especially those operating in a senior/strategic type position. Equally you could be an experienced business coach/mentor who wants a recognised qualification to take your coaching to the next level.

In which case the Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors is the best solution for you.  Equivalent to a post-grad this is definitely for people who see themselves working with more senior clients, usually directors, MDs or CEOs.  Again there is an option to attain the Diploma over a longer period of practice.

ILM Level 7 Certificate and Diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring






Contact us today

Sound interesting to you?

Why not contact us today to discuss the perfect qualification for you and find out how to apply for our renowned programmes.

We’d love to hear how we can help further your career or business plans through ILM.

Call us on 0844 873  1226 for more information


(Why ILM C&M?) Coaching is a real passion of mine, I love coaching , mentoring and supporting individuals to fulfil their passions, reach their goals and overcome any hurdles along the way.  Having coached for many years, leaving my role and starting up as an independent consultant and coach, thought this was a perfect opportunity to refresh and develop my skills further as well as give me that well recognised qualification – a little rubber stamp of my skills. Help and support from John was great, classroom days were interactive and engaging.  Beyond this the encouragement and support to keep us focussed, guide us through those early day coaching sessions and be a listening ear whilst I was working through the assignments, meant a lot.  I’m now using it all the time;  in my Coaching with clients, my Associate work with other organisations, in my Consultancy role when I’m working with leaders  to develop new thinking and so much more.(What would you say to others considering it?)  Go for it!  It’s super hard work, not for the faint hearted, requires real commitment and dedication, but absolutely worth every ounce of it!

Diane Evans, Green Strawberry, Coach & Consultant 


NEW: Heriott Watt University

We are delighted to announce we are now working with Heriott-Watt University to deliver the Welcome to Leadership programmes for their managers. The university has a large international presence with an ambitious strategy and we are looking forward to working with their Professional and Organisational Development team. Heriott-Watt is the latest University to join our growing list of valued customers within Higher Education and we are grateful for this amazing opportunity.

New ILM Coaching & Mentoring Programme – May 2022

Due to the ongoing success of our ILM Coaching & Mentoring Programmes, we have now scheduled in a second cohort for 2022.

The programme is already receiving plaudits and as a result we are growing our community of ILM Coaches and Mentors progressing towards an internationally recognised qualification.

Watch out also for our special preview events ‘Take Your Coaching To The Next Level’ running throughout March, April and May.

Information on the programme can be found here.

ILM Coaching & Mentoring May 2022

Contact us on:   or call 0844 873 1226


ILM Coaching & Mentoring September 2021

We are looking forward to starting our new cohort joining The Coaching Programme, leading to qualifications in Coaching & Mentoring from ILM at Level 5 and Level 7.

The programme begins on Friday 17th September 2021 with our ‘Coaching Foundations’ session.  All learning is done remotely, making our programme accessible wherever you are.



John's Blog

Why be a coach or mentor?

I am a little biased but I love both coaching and mentoring. I used to enjoy being the ‘trainer’ which satisfied the performer in me but as I get older there is something that I find deeply satisfying in being a coach or mentor.

More than that, I find it a privilege to work with people.  People that trust you enough to share their greatest challenges, dearest hopes, deepest fears and core beliefs about life. I can think of few professions in business that afford you such intimacy. I feel lucky and grateful each and every session I get to spend with my clients. (more…)

Speaking Truth to Power

For those afraid of speaking …

(But) TED is a tough, pressured, hugely stressful gig, even for experienced public speakers, and I’m not that. Standing in the wings waiting to go on, I told the stage manager that my heart was racing uncontrollably and in an act of great kindness, she grasped both my hands and made me take breath after breath. And what you don’t see in the video – deftly edited out – is the awful, heart-stopping moment when I forgot a line, followed by another act of collective kindness, a spontaneous empathic cheer as I composed myself and found my cue. “That’s when the audience came onside,” an attendee told me. “You were human. That’s when you won them over.”  Guardian April 2019


This from Carole Cadwalladr, a journalist at the Guardian who has in this last year investigated the role of tech corporations and their platforms in influencing the workings of our democracy.  What makes her TED talk so compelling is because here she is facing those very same technology giants on their turf.  And speaking truth to power.


Coaching: Deep Impact

This week I had the chance to attend a seminar at the Leeds Coaching Network featuring renowned coach, writer and speaker Julie Starr.  You may be familiar with some of Julie’s work including; ‘The Coaching Manual’, ‘The Mentoring Manual’ and ‘Brilliant Coaching’ and the session was everything you expected it to be. (more…)