Success Story: Glendale Liverpool

Type of Project: Leadership Programme “Pride, Passion and Performance”, design and delivery

Our relationship with Glendale stretches back to 2011 when the MD Peter Cosgrove attended one of our leadership programmes.

He wanted to develop leadership capability in the organisation to meet some very specific challenges. Glendale provide services to Liverpool City Council through maintaining the city’s green spaces and recent budgetary cuts have put pressure on services.

Peter wanted to roll out a number of projects that would give leaders the tools and language to be able to deal with those challenges, enabling teams to deliver more for less.

We specifically designed programmes between 2012-2015 aimed at:

  • Developing Managers and Supervisors
  • Enhancing Staff Engagement; all managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • Team Leader Development Programme
  • ILM Level 3 Programme

Glendale’s strapline/mission statement is “Pride, Passion and Performance”.

Glendale Liverpool


Our programmes have been extremely well received and importantly, have allowed Glendale to make key decisions to ensure the sustainability and future of the organisation, despite the current financial paradigm in the sector.

  • 100% completion rate within the Managers and Supervisors programme; evidence of application in feedback from Senior team and journals
  • Enabled further restructuring within management team and progression of talent
  • 100% attendance at a (weekend) Staff Engagement seminar by all Managers, Leaders.
  • Production of handbook for engagement
  • Evidence of Team Leaders applying programme principles through learning journals and discussion
  • Team Leader Programme enable further restructuring
  • Talent identified through selection process post programme
  • Implementation of ILM Level 3 and programme for Team Leaders (in progress)

No Guru have been invited guests at Glendale’s annual awards ceremony with key stakeholders in the City Council, in recognition of the learning their leaders have applied.

"The training and development programs delivered by No Guru, have had a profound effect on the leadership and administration of the business, it equipped the team as it was designed to but also significantly developed individuals. This gave a dynamic to the organisation that enabled it to move quickly not only in response to external forces of change, but in anticipation of change. This has developed our USP, made us stand out in a crowded market and strengthened the relationship with our customer and opened up other opportunities. We couldn't have done it without the help, and experience of No Guru."

Alan Stevens, Operations Manager, Glendale Liverpool


ILM Coaching & Mentoring September 2021

We are looking forward to starting our new cohort joining The Coaching Programme, leading to qualifications in Coaching & Mentoring from ILM at Level 5 and Level 7.

The programme begins on Friday 17th September 2021 with our ‘Coaching Foundations’ session.  All learning is done remotely, making our programme accessible wherever you are.


New ILM Coaching Course begins

Delighted to announce we have a capacity ILM L7 Coaching & Mentoring Programme up and running. There is a real appetite for coaching at the moment and a great need for coaches to support people through the pandemic and all that brings.

With this in mind we will announce our next programme scheduled for April, and we will offer qualifications at Level 5 and 7.

Watch this space..


Direct Claim status for No Guru ILM Coaching Courses

We are delighted to announce that following a recent virtual visit by ILM we have been awarded Direct Claim Status for our Level 3, 5 and 7 Coaching Programmes.

This means that we can claim certificates for our learners without requiring further verification (more…)


John's Blog

Why be a coach or mentor?

I am a little biased but I love both coaching and mentoring. I used to enjoy being the ‘trainer’ which satisfied the performer in me but as I get older there is something that I find deeply satisfying in being a coach or mentor.

More than that, I find it a privilege to work with people.  People that trust you enough to share their greatest challenges, dearest hopes, deepest fears and core beliefs about life. I can think of few professions in business that afford you such intimacy. I feel lucky and grateful each and every session I get to spend with my clients. (more…)

Speaking Truth to Power

For those afraid of speaking …

(But) TED is a tough, pressured, hugely stressful gig, even for experienced public speakers, and I’m not that. Standing in the wings waiting to go on, I told the stage manager that my heart was racing uncontrollably and in an act of great kindness, she grasped both my hands and made me take breath after breath. And what you don’t see in the video – deftly edited out – is the awful, heart-stopping moment when I forgot a line, followed by another act of collective kindness, a spontaneous empathic cheer as I composed myself and found my cue. “That’s when the audience came onside,” an attendee told me. “You were human. That’s when you won them over.”  Guardian April 2019


This from Carole Cadwalladr, a journalist at the Guardian who has in this last year investigated the role of tech corporations and their platforms in influencing the workings of our democracy.  What makes her TED talk so compelling is because here she is facing those very same technology giants on their turf.  And speaking truth to power.


Coaching: Deep Impact

This week I had the chance to attend a seminar at the Leeds Coaching Network featuring renowned coach, writer and speaker Julie Starr.  You may be familiar with some of Julie’s work including; ‘The Coaching Manual’, ‘The Mentoring Manual’ and ‘Brilliant Coaching’ and the session was everything you expected it to be. (more…)