Success Story: Engage Web

Type of Project: Team Building/Away Days

We have delivered 3 successive annual Team Away Days for Engage Web, a cutting edge internet marketing agency.

The themes of these have changed year on year reflecting the way the business has evolved.

MD Leanne Wilkinson is keen for these to focus on business issues but also to ensure there is a fun element so team members can “Engage” away from the pressures of work assignments.

We have worked with Leanne to ensure the design of events meets those aspirations and to look at how these 2 elements (business and fun) can be combined to address:

  • Team Effectiveness
  • Strategic focus
  • Individual Working Styles and Strengths
  • Brand Values and the essence of Engage Web
  • Customer Engagement and how to work to deliver on the values

The Engage Vision is to “Become a worldwide provider of digital content”.

Attract with Positivity

Engage through Communication

Convert with respect

Engage more…



Away Days have been extremely positive with some real tangible take-aways:
  • Development of Team Vision, Mission and Values
  • Team Members have language to adapt each others styles (their profile appears on email signatures too)
  • Clarity on what motivates them and where strengths
  • Brand Values were agreed around the word “Engage”
  • How specifically the team can demonstrate these behaviourally with customers
  • Identifying Strategic Priorities and focus for year
Importantly the team have been able to explore more about themselves and others through a variety of team challenges (some very challenging indeed!). Watch the Video from Engage Web


Can I Coach the Team?

20 Questions to enhance Teams

‘Can you do something with my team?’

‘What seems to be the problem?’

‘Well morale is really terrible, nobody seems to care about working here and we have lots of conflict’

‘So can I ask, what have you done to them?’

A not untypical conversation whenever I get asked to facilitate a Team Day, sometimes called an ‘away day’ or ‘teambuilding’ event.  Whilst I may be a bit harsh on the leader in this scenario, I do think that this kind of ‘state’ within the team is not a natural one. Something must have happened (or not happened), to create it. (more…)

Do you have time to think?

One of my ILM coaching delegates recently recalled a coaching session they had with a client. ‘I didn’t seem to do much, in fact I felt a bit of a fraud’, they said.

When I asked them to expand on this, they explained that (more…)

Am I a Coach or a Mentor?

We’ve been training coaching and mentoring for quite a few years now and this question always pops up, ‘What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?’  In fact it’s one of the questions you need to answer if you want to (more…)


John's Blog

Why be a coach or mentor?

… your business community needs you

I am a little biased but I love both coaching and mentoring.  I used to enjoy being the ‘trainer’ which satisfied the performer in me but as I get older there is something that I find deeply satisfying in being a coach or mentor (we will touch on the difference between the two in a later blog).

More than that, I find it a privilege to work with people.  (more…)

Speaking Truth to Power

For those afraid of speaking …

(But) TED is a tough, pressured, hugely stressful gig, even for experienced public speakers, and I’m not that. Standing in the wings waiting to go on, I told the stage manager that my heart was racing uncontrollably and in an act of great kindness, she grasped both my hands and made me take breath after breath. And what you don’t see in the video – deftly edited out – is the awful, heart-stopping moment when I forgot a line, followed by another act of collective kindness, a spontaneous empathic cheer as I composed myself and found my cue. “That’s when the audience came onside,” an attendee told me. “You were human. That’s when you won them over.”  Guardian April 2019


This from Carole Cadwalladr, a journalist at the Guardian who has in this last year investigated the role of tech corporations and their platforms in influencing the workings of our democracy.  What makes her TED talk so compelling is because here she is facing those very same technology giants on their turf.  And speaking truth to power.


Coaching: Deep Impact

This week I had the chance to attend a seminar at the Leeds Coaching Network featuring renowned coach, writer and speaker Julie Starr.  You may be familiar with some of Julie’s work including; ‘The Coaching Manual’, ‘The Mentoring Manual’ and ‘Brilliant Coaching’ and the session was everything you expected it to be. (more…)