Motivation – for people who don’t do ‘Goals’

Today’s blog is for anyone who feels daunted by goals and self improvement and may want a different strategy to the ones that aren’t working.  If you are really motivated by setting Goals and SMART Objectives this may not be for you…

An amusing tweet appeared at the start of this year (more…)

Bowie. The man who …

I watch the ripples change their size

But never leave the stream

Of warm impermanence and (more…)

New elearning courses coming soon

We are pleased to announce we have signed a deal with Videotile, a production company specialising in professional video based learning packages to be made available under the No Guru brand. (more…)

Emotionally Revealing

The Tears of a Leader –  are they a good thing?

Yesterday’s announcement by President Obama has, as expected, sparked further furious debate about gun control and civil liberties in the USA.   People are also talking about the moment where the emotion (more…)