Understanding your needs

We appreciate the pressures you and your organisations are under to deliver results while making the best use of resources. That’s why we are keen to sit down with prospective customers to really look below the surface to find out what is really needed. So often “training” can be prescribed as an answer to business issues yet training in itself may not always be the answer.

You need someone who can challenge organisational thinking, to ask the BIG questions and support you in providing proposals for programmes that can really make a difference.

We really want to impress your stakeholders not just deliver some training courses. It’s about helping you with the big issues: performance, talent, leadership, team effectiveness, and staff engagement. All of them having an impact on the bottom line and the strategy of your organisation.

Our consultants are hugely experienced not just in delivery but in the whole L&D cycle of development.

Passion, Integrity, Excellence

Our values are Passion, Integrity and Excellence: we have a Passion for the big issues around people and team effectiveness, we only work on projects we feel we can add value to and continually strive for high standards and excellent feedback.

Please take a look at our success stories reflecting the broad range of services that we have delivered results for our clients

Success Story: Engage Web
Team away day alignment to strategy

Success Story: Wulvern Housing
Consultancy project development of behavioural framework

Success Story: Glendale Services
Design and delivery of management training programmes

Success Story: Riverside Housing
Leadership development and ILM Level 7 programme

Organisations come back to us again and again for repeat work because we work with them.  It’s not (just) about content... for us its about relationships but don’t just take our word for it:

Our clients say
If we sound like the sort of partner who can help you please feel free to call us now on 08448731226


New Projects for Summer/Autumn 2018

It has been a really rewarding couple of weeks here at No Guru with new work and wonderful new clients added to our portfolio.

This week we met with the Senior Team at Irwell Valley Homes who have commissioned a project in support of their new brand. (more…)

No Guru now working with University of Huddersfield

Quarter 1 has started off with brilliant news, a newly commissioned programme of delivery for the University of Huddersfield to deliver ‘Strategic Thinking in Higher Education’ as part of an ambitious programme of development for Senior Managers. This leads to a recognised qualification from the Chartered Management Institute.  Head of Staff Development, Daniel Benton explains (more…)

Coaching for Results: Event with Professional Liverpool

We are delighted to be partnering with Professional Liverpool to deliver a FREE seminar on Monday 5th March (3pm to 5pm).

This explores the role of Coaching (and Mentoring) in helping staff deliver business results.  The session will be run by John Drysdale and will be a chance to find out how you can coach more effectively and perhaps consider a role in Coaching and Mentoring through our ILM Programmes.

To reserve your place click here. (more…)


John's Blog

Coaching: Deep Impact

This week I had the chance to attend a seminar at the Leeds Coaching Network featuring renowned coach, writer and speaker Julie Starr.  You may be familiar with some of Julie’s work including; ‘The Coaching Manual’, ‘The Mentoring Manual’ and ‘Brilliant Coaching’ and the session was everything you expected it to be. (more…)

The Immortal Memory: Robert Burns

Address to The Liverpool Athenaeum  2nd February 2018

I was delighted to be asked by club President Sir David Maddison to deliver The Immortal Memory at The Athenaeum Burns evening which I attended with my wife Fiona. This is a huge honour for any Scot and I hope I did it justice.  Burns provides such a rich tapestry I found it a real challenge to be succint and speak in a way that would connect with the audience – I chose to set Burns against the universal themes we recognise today and in the challenges we face in uncertain times.  I hope you enjoy it.   JD


The Immortal Memory – Robert Burns 1759-1796

The Athenaeum 2nd Feb 2018

President, ladies and gentlemen, fellow proprietors and distinguished guests.  I am honoured to propose the Immortal Memory this evening.

To one Robert Burns who lived between 1759 and 1796.


Image Triage – be careful what you post

How to avoid public ‘shaming’

If you’ve ever read Jon Ronson’s book ‘Shamed’, you will know the devastating effect social media can have on people who have posted something stupid on the internet.

Ronson highlights the case of Justine Sacco (a director of corporate communications) who, before boarding an 11-hour flight from Heathrow to Cape Town, Tweeted to her 170 followers what she thought was a series of lighthearted, acerbic comments about her journey. (more…)